Room 11

Room 11

This 8 square-meter room has one double bed and in spite of being small, being located on roof of the hotel is the reason that has made this room a favorable and cozy one. Also, it’s got a very beautiful view to the whole of the complex. It has a terrace which is 6 square

Room 8

This room is located on the second floor of the complex. To reach it, you should go for about 20 steps. If you have any problem climbing the steps, please consider choosing another room for yourself. But, it has a great view to the complex, and it has been evaluated as one the most magnificent

Room 1

This room is located in ground floor of the hotel, and has a double bed. The room is 14 square meters and has 3 square meters of terrace. The windows overlook the yard. Services: separate bathroom and toilet, air conditioner, radiant, hairdryer, make-up table, refrigerator, telephone for reaching the reception and other rooms. Price per