Hotel’s Introduction

Persian Traditional House is one of the old houses located in the city of Kashan, which has the architecture of Qajar and Pahlavi era. This old building was purchased in 2016 and then was reconstructed with a great perseverance in one and a half year. The purpose of this project is to relive one of the traditional buildings of the old districts of Kashan in order to host Iranian and foreigner tourists in it, so that peaceful, quiet, and unstressed life of previous generations is thoroughly visible in this place. Although the building is reconstructed, the old-fashioned style has been preserved and so a cozy space is provided for all the guests to accommodate and drink and eat everything they want in restaurant and café of the complex. This hotel started to serve dear tourists in 2018, coincided with Iranian New Year, called ‘’Nourooz’’.


Persian House has 11 rooms in 3 storeys: One luxurious room which has 5 beds, with a stunning architecture, two rooms with 4 beds, three rooms with 3 beds and finally, 5 rooms with 2 beds. Totally, the complex can host 32 persons, and in case of requirement, this capacity could be increased to 35. For further convenience of guests, it is necessary to point out that a separate bathroom and toilet is provided in each room.


The hotel has different facilities and amenities like breakfast service, free WIFI, separate bathrooms and toilets, restaurant with local foods and a café serving many drinks with an astounding scenary.


Persian House is located in central districts of old Kashan, and has a little distance with some of the historical buildings and houses, thus the guests of the hotel can easily walk to those places and save their time for visiting these monuments more, because there is no need to use any vehicle, which is an important point.


Nevertheless, accommodation in a traditional atmosphere could introduce the old lifestyles to youths and our children and make a memorable experience for them.