The Persian Restaurant is ready to serve its dear Iranian and foreigner guests with a combination of local and traditional foods (more than 10 kinds) and also some other Iranian foods, in a saloon which approximately 50 meters square.


Kashan traditional foods:

  • Shefte-Robbe Anar (with a sour taste of pomegranate)

  • Shefte-Somaq

  • Kall Josh

  • Gheymeh Rizeh

  • Shami-Havij (Made with carrot)

  • Gosht Lubia Shivid

  • Gosht Nokhod Spinach

  • Gosht Adas Eggplant

  • Koko Kado

  • Kebab Tabe with Camel’s Meat


Iranian Foods:

  • Fesenjan

  • Ghorme-Sabzi Stew

  • Gheymeh Stew

  • Chicken

  • Dizi

  • Gheymeh-Eggplant

  • Koko Sabzi

  • Estanbuli

  • Adas Polo